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The Ordnance Survey Leisure Map summary lists. Updated regularly for the discerning cartomaniac and list buffs. This project began about a decade ago with the data entered on to filing cards. It's well known enough now to be mentioned on the Cambridge University Map Library website.

North Wales Rail. A short introduction to the narrow gauge railways of Snowdonia and North Wales. Being a bit of a link-fest for those who like that sort of thing...

A list of work by The Man from Cucamonga. The late and very great Frank Zappa. Twenty years after his death, Zappa continues to exert a subtle influence on modern popular music. Frank is much discussed and written about, but his music is seldom played on the radio. Cue the internet. My little list will give the reader/listener/viewer a wee signpost to the work that is Frank.

Oh yes, and some lovely guff about our cats. The quick and the not-so-quick.

.... and, pictured below, a family photograph circa 1951 for your delectation. As I was born in 1954, I would have been a mere twinkle in this snap, taken by the parish church at Weston Turville.

I guess I should add a few words about what I get up to here. Some pages aren't updated much if at all these days (for example airfields or North Wales rail)- but sit here as useful links to elsewhere. Others are updated now and then (Frank Zappa) as the odd bit of info turns up or something happens of note (Cats), others revised regularly. The Ordnance Survey pages are a used resource and updated monthly.
    There's not much action on the Ordnance Survey paper maps at the moment, so I'm updating and improving some of my other lists. Look ye at some here: Welsh Highland Railway distance table; the Zappa list; Motorsport Venues of Great Britain & Ireland; Pete Townshend (a bit); and Landranger Map sheet 128.
    Note I don't blog or get involved too much. I belong to a small number of discussion groups related to my interests (listed here), am married with a wife (natch) and one cat, work for a hotel company, and live in the middle of England.

♣ Before you go, have a look at the Projects and Links page, the repository of bits and pieces of work (much of it in progress).

I hope you find something of interest, and that your journey is worthwhile. Don't forget to wrap up warm!

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The Lez Watson Inexperience

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