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Ordnance Survey Leisure Maps Summary Lists

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Click here for summary list The Half-inch National Grid Series Maps.
The half-inch map was published from 1903. After 1947 a National, or 'Second Series' was planned but only four of 51 sheets were published. The series was abandoned due to competition from private map publishers and the resources needed for other small scale mapping, especially the one-inch series.
Click here for summary list Click here for summary list The one-inch New Popular and Seventh Series Maps.
The renowned red-covered maps of the post-war period familiar to the more mature map user are listed here. The New Popular Edition Map of Great Britain was first published between 1945-7 in 114 sheets (England and Wales only), later replaced by the Seventh Series map of Great Britain between 1952-62 in 190 sheets. It was superseded by the adoption of a metric scale map by the OS, and the publication of the 1:50 000 (later the Landranger) map from 1974.
A map still popular for study by men (and women) of a certain age who remember steam with their trains and distances in miles and yards.
Click here for summary list Click here for summary list The 1:50 000 (Landranger) Map.
Adoption of the metric system by the Ordnance Survey in the 1960s resulted in the need for a new product to replace the much-loved one-inch map. After trialing a number of specifications, it was decided to adopt the 1:50 000 as the new scale and a new Magenta cover. The first 102 sheets were published in 1974 covering Britain south of the Hull - Preston line. All but three of these sheets were produced in a First Series.
A complete listing of Landranger Active editions may be found here.
Click here for summary list Click here for summary list 1:50 000 and 1:25 000 Maps of Ireland
The Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland began publishing sheets of what later became the Discoverer Series in 1978, shortly after the appearance of the 1:50 000 map in Great Britain. The Ordnance Survey of Ireland followed suit with the first of their Discovery sheets in 1988. Coverage of Ireland by the two series was completed in 1999.
Click here for Pathfinder Map summary list Click here for Outdoor Leisure Map summary list 1:25 000 Second (Pathfinder) Series and Outdoor Leisure Map
Under construction.
[There were over 1,300 sheets in the Pathfinder series, so this is a long term project.]
Click here for summary list Click here for summary list (new Explorer Map cover)The 1:25 000 Explorer Map.
This map is the latest incarnation of "2½-inch" map first introduced in 1946. The first experimental sheets were printed in 1994 and the series was soon chosen to replace the well known Pathfinder maps. Coverage of Great Britain was completed in March 2003. A new digital series is in production.
Click here for summary list Post-War Tourist and Touring Maps.
An initial list of Post-War Tourist Maps and the modern Touring Map series. Sheet compilation historically derived from One-inch and 1:50 000 sources.
Click here for summary list Post-War Road Maps and Atlases.
A checklist of 1:625 000 ("Ten-mile") and 1:250 000 ("Quarter-inch") roads maps, along with motoring atlases of the 1980s to 2000s.
Click here for summary list The Ordnance Survey have produced a number of Historical, or 'period', Maps since 1924. Currently the only maps produced are those of Ancient Britain and Roman Britain.
All Ordnance Survey Leisure Maps were re-branded from June 2015. The editions began to change from alphanumeric style - i.e. B2/ - (used since the 1950s), back to month/year style.
PLEASE NOTE I have the occasional enquiry through these pages about whether I buy and sell maps. I'm not a map dealer but here to compile and revise lists of Ordnance Survey small scale maps. If you are looking for a trader, I recommend you start with the Charles Close Society list of map dealers here.
Click here A copy of the "Ten-mile to the inch" Road Map of Great Britain published 1932. Showing Ministry of Transport Road Numbers and Classification.
Click here for summary list An Inch to the Mile. The Godfrey Edition [England and Wales]
Alan Godfrey Maps are publishing facsimile editions of one-inch map edition maps published in the late 19th and early 20th century. The sheets are exceptionally good quality reproduction at a staggeringly small price. New ones are published every month.
Landranger Map Cover Designs.
This project's aim is to list all Landranger Map cover changes since its first publication in March 1974. It was published in Sheetlines, the Journal of The Charles Close Society in April 2017.
  This link to the published version.
  This link to the continuation page.
    Landranger Bar Reprints.
The definitive list of Landranger Map Bar Reprints compiled by Bill Henwood. Updated September 2014 (v62).
The Charles Close Society was founded in 1980 to bring together all those with an interest in the maps and history of the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain and its counterparts in the island of Ireland. The Society takes its name from Colonel Sir Charles Arden-Close, OS Director General from 1911 to 1922, and initiator of many of the maps now sought after by collectors. A man of immense stature and accomplishment, he was the link between the OS traditions of the nineteenth century and the future practices of the twentieth.
"The Society publishes a wide range of books and booklets on historic OS map series and also a journal, Sheetlines, which is recognised internationally for its specialist articles on Ordnance Survey-related topics, as well as containing news items and less serious pieces. Society members take part in regular visits to mapping organisations and map libraries at home and abroad, with a varied programme of meetings, including the ever-popular annual map market.
"Membership is open to all, and now numbers 750, some with a professional interest in maps, others current and former Ordnance Survey staff, students, amateur collectors and many who simply love maps. New members are always welcome" Click here to find out how to join.
  1. Ordnancemaps the friendly and knowledgeable discussion group devoted to OS topics.
  2. Searching for maps to purchase? Try David Archer Maps - OS maps from mid-Wales.
  3. Ordnance Survey Ireland maps and aerial photographs are now online.
  4. Ed Fielden's explanation of Ordnance Survey print codes, edition markings, cover styles and other map info.
  5. Institut Géographique National (IGN). How the French do it.
  6. New Popular Maps. All the New Popular maps scanned and held on one site. Very addictive!
  7. The British Library information on Ordnance Survey maps.
  8. GeoHack. global and local mapping and other resources.
  9. Fonant Ordnance Survey map browser.
  10. Frank Jacobs' Big Think Strange Maps.
Fielden Maps Co-ordinate Converter
A web-based tool for conversions between projected co-ordinate systems commonly in use in Great Britain and Ireland.
    Further information about Ordnance Survey mapping may be found on their web site.    
If you have any comments on, or corrections to, these lists please contact me on

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